Samsung Working On 1/1.7-inch Sensor for Future Phones?


While the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge represent small improvements over last year's models in a lot of ways, there was one particular area in which both phones got a big upgrade; the camera. While some might consider the jump down from 16-megapixels to 12-megapixels a "downgrade" the larger sensor made for much more natural-looking images as well as the ability to shoot quicker images and take in more light. Add dual-pixel autofocus and Samsung put together a pretty great camera experience in their Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge duo of flagships. Now, there are rumors that Samsung could have something even in better in the works for future devices, perhaps even the Galaxy Note 6.

Rumor has it that Samsung is hard at work developing a new sensor that comes in at 1/1.7-inches in size, which is a decent step up from the 1/2.5-inch sensor found in the back of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Just where this new sensor will end up is unclear, but if it's ready for 2016, then the prime candidate for such a new piece of tech would have to be the upcoming Galaxy Note 6. Last year, all of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 devices shared the same camera hardware, and this year Samsung could be looking to put the Galaxy Note back on top with a better camera experience. Regardless, the fact that Samsung is continuing development of larger sensors is a positive piece of news. It's not just the sensor either, as Huawei and Leica have proved with the P9, the glass in front of these chips matters a lot as well, and rumor has it that this new sensor could be paired with a lens capable of an aperture of f/1.4, which would let in a lot more light.


As miniaturization of lenses continues, sensors are catching up, but in the opposite direction. A larger sensor is, 9/10, the better option to go with and releases like the Galaxy S7 and Nexus 6P have practically proven as much. Whether or not the Galaxy Note 6 will launch with a new camera sensor is of course, unclear right now, but it sure seems as though Samsung has big ideas for the next generation of smartphone cameras.

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