Samsung Soundcamp Music App Receives A Major Update

April 18, 2016 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak

It’s been about six months since Samsung launched Soundcamp, an app for digital music creators who are looking to make music on the go, directly from their Samsung smartphone. Earlier today, the said music app received a pretty major update which adds a handful of new features into an already pretty impressive set of mobile creation tools. This piece of mobile software now boasts a redesigned launcher and additional functions made for music creators. Upon opening it, Soundcamp now displays a pretty authentic rehearsal room which contains basic and preset musical instruments that can be utilized by a single tap. Don’t worry, the advanced editing tools such as Looper and Sampler are still just as accessible as before.

Speaking of Looper, the feature which allows for live playing by modifying certain parts of sample loops, it has been improved in terms of its intuitiveness so creating impromptu pieces should now be easier than ever. The latest version of Soundcamp also gives its users the ability to connect to and utilize numerous third-party music apps which can be downloaded and installed by browsing the shelf displayed in the rehearsal room. The list of available instruments has now also been refreshed with an upgraded guitar and bass. More specifically, the guitar can now be played in the so-called Chords mode by swiping its on-screen strings or in Notes mode by tapping on its notes displayed on a guitar fretboard. And while a touchscreen may not seem like the most intuitive way to play a digital guitar, the Soundcamp one is actually pretty advanced and allows for performing of basic strumming techniques. Things like string bending, string muting, and hammer-ons can all be performed using Samsung’s music app, and that just a small portion of what the Soundcamp guitar allows. The app now also features electric and acoustic timbres which can be downloaded inside of the app and has been optimized for Samsung’s latest mobile devices, namely the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Naturally, if Samsung Soundcamp isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty Play Store alternatives for aspiring and established digital music creators to choose from.