Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Bursts Into Flames

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge Plus turned up last year as the largest phone in Samsung's inventory and the most powerful one too, but as it turns out, a Reddit user recently reported that his Galaxy S6 Edge Plus phablet caught fire while he was sleeping and let out nasty fumes which woke him up. The Reddit user, who calls himself “Needs_tree_fiddy”, explained the sequence of events that preceded the fire. “I am OPs roommate and owner of the carnage that you see here. I was not using the charger that it came with, but I was using a Samsung charger that I got with my GS3. The phone was not under my pillow, but it was lying next to me on my bed. I woke up to the sound of it sizzling and nasty fumes erupting from it. We have more pics if you guys are interested. If you guys have any questions or advice please comment.”

This is not the first time that we have heard about premium phones catching fire, including in situations when they were not even being used. In most cases, such events occur because of faulty third-party chargers or because the phones were exposed to unfavourable conditions like extreme heat. One user on Reddit also came up with a possible explanation for the fire. "I did something similar to my old S4. I was using a weaker charger (Samsung plug but different USB cable). I left it on my bed also. Don't leave charging phones on your bed. It's the warmest place in the bedroom designed to keep heat from escaping," said "nsxly".
While it is quite possible that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in question overheated in bed, it is also possible that the charger which came with Samsung Galaxy S3 might have been damaged over prolonged use. The owner of the burnt phone hasn't confirmed if he has contacted Samsung, but it will be better to wait and hear out what Samsung has to say about the unfortunate event. A similar event had taken place back in 2014 when a Samsung Galaxy tablet being operated by a 9-year old suddenly overheated and caught fire. The child did not suffer any injuries since he threw the tablet on the floor as soon as it caught fire, but the family nevertheless contacted Samsung and informed the company about the situation. These occurrences are extremely rare and such instances are not true examples of safety standards that phone manufacturers like Samsung follow while designing their phones. At the same time, users must ensure that they use chargers supplied only by phone manufacturers and keep their phones away from hazardous environments.
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