Rumor: HTC Building Two Google "Android N Devices", Likely Nexus


When it comes to the Nexus range, there is always massive buzz around what will be the next incoming Nexus device(s). What they will look like, feature and of course, who will make them. Up until last year, it was typical that by the close of the same year there would be a new Nexus smartphone. However, that changed last year when Google decided to introduce two Nexus phones at the same time, one from Huawei and one from LG. As a result, there was always the possibility that Google would continue to release Nexus handsets in twos. A sentiment which gained very early traction this year when a report came through back in January suggesting that two new Nexus smartphones would arrive in 2016.

However, that was not the most interesting part of that January report. Instead, what the majority of the report focus on is the suggestion that both Nexus smartphones would come from the same manufacturer, from HTC. As well as the idea of two new handsets from the same manufacturer, the fact that this was HTC, a company who had just endured a turbulent 2015 in the mobile world, added to the speculation. That said, the reports did come through and the two devices were even assigned early codenames T50 and T55 with the assumption being that one would be a 5-inch device and the other would be a 5.5-inch device.


Fast forward to now and @evleaks has today sent out an interesting tweet which looks to confirm that HTC are working on two new Android handsets. While @evleaks does not specifically name-drop them as Nexus handsets, the tweet does state that these are "Android N devices." and that they are being built "for Google". Therefore, the clear assumption being that these are likely to be the previously rumored Nexus smartphones for this year. Unfortunately, the tweet does not go into much detail on the actual handsets and so there is no further information as to what the devices will be like or more importantly, the differences between them. However, @evleaks does state that they are at the moment being internally labelled as M1 and S1.

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