'Rumble Arena' Is An Action-Packed Fighting Game


Gaming can be a great way to lay back and relax for a minute, and smartphones are a perfect platform some something like that considering we carry them with us no matter where we go. Games have improved quite a bit on mobile devices over the years, Android included, and we have tons of different titles to occupy our time. That being said, if you're into fighting games, there a number of compelling titles available in the Google Play Store, like Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X, for example. Well, we're here to talk about an action / fighting game, but one that you probably didn't hear thus far, read on.

The game we're here to talk more about is called 'Rumble Arena'. Now, this game doesn't exactly have the top of the line graphics like the two games I've mentioned earlier (nor the same gameplay), but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The cartoonish look of rumble arena is perhaps exactly what you want, and I really didn't have a single complaint on the graphics here. This game allows for up to 4 characters to fight each other in the arena, and special moves are included here as well, as they are in pretty much every fighting title. As far as characters go, you have a couple of characters available here, you can fight it out as Thor, Spartacus and / or Wukong. There are also several modes available for you to play, you can fight in the regular mode which will push you through various levels where you'll be able to collect up to 3 stars (per level), depending on how well you did, similar as in Angry Birds, for example. The 'Survival' and 'Versus' modes are also available here for you to check out.


The developer has mentioned that he, and his team, are working on an 'exciting multiplayer experience', and more arenas / heroes as well. So, by the sound of it, it seems like we're going to get frequent updates here, which will make this game even better than it is, and it's quite fun already. Keep in mind this is a relatively new title, and it currently holds a 4.3-star rating in the Google Play Store, which is not half bad. The official video and a set of images are available down below, just in case you'd like to check those out before you try out this game.

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