Reports Of Motorola Not Honoring Warranties Increase


Since Motorola enjoyed something of a resurgence back with the original Moto X, released in 2013, the company has offered customers more choice than most other device manufacturers out there. Motorola has become a company that people associate with quality, choice and affordability, too. One thing that customers seem to be less and less able to rely on however, is a warranty repair or replacement from the Lenovo-owned company. Customers have taken to sites such as Reddit to express their displeasure at Motorola's apparent "unwillingness" to honor the limited warranty provided with a new Motorola Moto G, Moto X or Moto 360 device.

One Reddit users has put together a large post linking similar issues together in order to highlight the issues that customers are facing. For the most part, it appears as though delays and lack of stock are the major problem, but also a lack of communication, too. One of the most common issues appears to be that when a device simply stops working – and should be covered by the warranty – Motorola will tell a customer to wait 5 days for a new device, and then after twice as long a device still hasn't arrived they will be offered a different color or simply be told that there's no stock left. The stock issue is perhaps something that happens to a lot of companies that sell devices for less than their competitors, as keeping low stock is one of the factors that allows them to do this.


Motorola's warranty covers a device from the date of sale for one year, but users are reporting issues claiming and receiving a repair or replacement even with this time frame. The Reddit post linked below is littered with similar complaints and users might be persuaded to look elsewhere for their next smartphone or smartwatch. It's tough to figure out whether or not these claims are all true, but there's little to be gained from reporting false incidents like this, and the more likely outcome is that customers simply want to receive the sort of treatment that they were promised by Motorola in the first place.

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