Replay Gets Rebranded to “GoPro Quik” & Launches on Android

April 13, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Just a few weeks ago, Go Pro acquired the video editing app Replay, and after acquiring the app the company announced that it would bring the app over to Android. As it was an iOS only app at the time. Today, the app launched on Android in beta form. However, GoPro has renamed and rebranded the app to GoPro Quik. Makes sense since it is a GoPro product now, so having their name in the name of the app is definitely going to be important.

Quik is a video editor for Android and iOS, but unlike Premiere from Adobe, it’s not made to handle the hardcore editing stuff. The approach that Quik has always used is to make it easy to edit videos and get something fancy. The app can select up to 200 videos and photos for a clip. Which is a crazy high amount for a mobile app. Most of us probably won’t have that much on our smartphone or tablet. Quik also has a slew of pre-configured styles with opening text. There are also filters and music that can be used. This is great for making a quick video from your GoPro footage – which is likely what the company is hoping you’ll use it for. There’s also tons of tweaking that can be done here, and you can even crop the video as well as trimming.

The app is available on the Play Store now. Remember it is a beta, so you will need to opt into be a beta tester first before the Play Store link will work for you. If you don’t opt in, the Play Store will tell you that the app doesn’t exist. Once you do opt in, however, you’ll need to hang tight for a little bit as the Play Store needs to update and be told that you are now a beta tester. But that should only take a few minutes. If you aren’t phased by being a beta tester and perhaps dealing with a few bugs, then we’d definitely recommend checking out GoPro Quik. It’s a great app to make videos from the media on your smartphone, as well as media found in your Google Photos Library.