Plan your Vacation Activities with WhaToDo

If you go on vacation or just visit another city, whether it be in another country or in your home country, you'll likely want to check out some of the city's hotspots. However, with you not being from that city, it could be a bit difficult. Luckily there are apps here to help. WhaToDo is here to help you book activities as well as book airport transfers. So now you can get into that museum in downtown Beijing without having to get into a line. Just arrive and get straight into the museum. The last thing you'll want to do while on vacation is to stand in line. WhaToDo gives you thousands of activities that are available in over a thousand destinations worldwide. This is so you can set up a spontaneous day of fun, or plan your vacation in advance.

With Spring Break being one of the most popular times for vacation, it means you can travel and find stuff to do, instead of being bored on the beach for the entire week. You can also set up a cruise for your trip to Florida, or anywhere else that is near a large body of water. WhaToDo does have some special features as well. They offer special app-only holiday promotions. Which means you'll only see these promotions in the app. A great way to get people to use their app. WhaToDo also has exclusive discounts for you, whether you plan in advance or book that day. You can also make calls from within the app, in case you have some questions about the attraction, show, etc. You can quickly search for and book reservations without ever leaving the WhaToDo app, which is pretty convenient to say the least. Of course you can change the distance unit from miles to Kilometers or vice versa, seeing as not everyone uses one or the other. WhaToDo also provides customer service support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are even available on holidays.

WhaToDo is a free app from Google Play. There are no in-app purchases either, which is always nice. And that also shows you that you will be taken to the attraction's website to buy tickets and such.

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