Opera Max Adds New Languages & Tablet Support

April 12, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

For most people these days data is likely the most used function of their mobile devices whether it’s for streaming music, streaming movies and TV, or simply browsing the web and using a ton of apps and games that are all connected to the internet. While many users in places like the U.S. may have a whole lot of data every month at their disposal via their wireless plans, not every single person around the globe has unlimited or large amounts of data to go through each month. For those users, an app like Opera Max has helped saved data consistently so that limits aren’t reached.

Up until now Opera Max has only been available on smartphones, but today Opera is announcing that they are expanding the support for the application to tablet devices so those who use tablets on their mobile network plan can get in on the data savings each and every month, which Opera states can be between 50% and 60% in saved data from YouTube and Netflix respectively. While apps like Netflix and YouTube are available on smartphones too, watching videos is simply more enjoyable on a larger display and this is where tablets come in, and now with Opera Max having tablet support, users who watch lots of videos through the handful of different TV and movie apps can watch what they love with less worry about going over data limits.

In addition to adding support for tablet devices, Opera Max now also supports right-to-left languages, and the new languages which are included are Arabic, Urdu, Persian, and Hebrew as of today’s update to the app. Opera mentions that by adding in the support for the new languages today they now offer a total of 63 languages supported in all. Tablet support and new right-to-left language support follow other recent additions to the application like smart alerts to help users manage their background data, which Opera added back in the middle of February, and an overall improvement to the Opera Max app that was added in the beginning of February that saw WiFi connections function more securely and with more speed. Opera Max is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store.