The Oatmeal Launches Android Version Of Exploding Kittens

If you're a fan of party games that require you to actually converse with others, there are numerous options out there that one can choose Cards Against Humanity is one that likely comes to mind as it's extremely popular and widely available. The only issue is that Cards Against humanity is not available digitally, and plenty of users would rather have the option to play the game with friends via their smartphones and tablets. This is where Exploding Kittens comes in, a strategic card game with an equally crazy set of cards with hilarious outcomes, and art as well as sounds that are created by The Oatmeal.

Today, Exploding Kittens has just launched on Android, and it costs $1.99 to pick it up which is a small fraction of the cost of the original edition of the physical game that you can grab from Amazon for $20. The game also includes one in-app purchase where users can pay an additional $1.99 to grab an expansion deck with more cards, although the game can be played perfectly fine without it if you wish. The game supports up to 5 players but must be played with a minimum of two, and you can either play with friends or play online with random people, which might be the perfect option if you want to play but none of your friends are able.

Playing a game with friends can be done by hosting a game which gives the host a specific code, then you share the game with others and they can essentially "log in" to see and play the game from their own device so nothing has to be passed around. The goal of the game is to be the person who doesn't get an exploding kitten, but if you do you will have a chance to defuse it. This can only be done if the person who draws an exploding kitten has a defuse card, otherwise, they are knocked out of the game. The other cards in the deck are used to avoid the exploding kitten if at all possible, and to move the kitten so it might fall onto someone else and make its way into another person's deck.


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