Nexus Player Android N Dev Preview 2 Factory Image Available

Nexus Player AH3

A couple of weeks ago Google released the latest developer preview of Android N. Those who are keeping track will know this is the second developer preview of what is expected to be a total of five preview editions before the final release of Android N is made public. As is the case with any release directly from Google, shortly after the announcement came through the factory images became available to download for a whole host of Nexus devices. Offering those select Nexus owners, the ability to download and self-install the latest version of Android. However, one particular device was notably missing from the list at the time, the Google Nexus Player.

Google’s current Android TV device, the Nexus Player is the only Android TV device that can take part in the Android N developer preview due to its Nexus affiliation and as such, those who were currently running the first developer preview of Android N on the Nexus player were probably a little dismayed that the factory image was not available for their device. Especially, as these follow on preview editions are likely to be ones which include fairly substantial bug fixes and therefore are important updates for those running a developer version.


Either way, if you do own a Nexus Player and are running the Android N developer preview then it now looks as though the second factory image is live and is ready to download and finally sees the Nexus Player joining the rest of the Nexus compatible family. Of course, with the update being two weeks later than the rest of the Nexus range, this does mean that soon enough those other Nexus devices will likely start to see their developer preview 3 arriving in due course. Although, that is a concern for next month for Nexus Player owners. For those interested in installing the developer preview 2 on their Nexus Player as soon as possible, you can grab a direct download of the file by hitting the link below. Alternatively, head through the source link below to head over to the Android Developer’s page where all of the Nexus range developer preview factory images are listed.

Nexus Player Developer Preview Direct Download