This New Trump Game Helps You Make America Great Again

Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump is hard to forget for quite a few reasons. One of them being the many different "Trumpisms" that can be heard throughout his talks during debates, interviews and more. Now Trump has been immortalized in a brand-new mobile game that lets players help "make America great again" by building that giant Great Wall of America that Trump is so keen on putting up. Of course, the game can be addicting simply because of the gameplay, the real gem though is the Trumpisms you'll hear as you play which give it a comedic feel.

The goal of the game is extremely simple and one that should be easy enough for literally almost anyone to pick up. All gamers have to do is drop the heads of Trump's political opponents (shaped like little cubes) onto the ground from above, and try to stack them as high as they possibly can to continue racking up their high scores. It starts out easy but quickly becomes more challenging to continue stacking without having a cube fall of the pile, which will result in a game over whether the whole stack falls over or not. At this point, you can either restart from the beginning or you can resurrect from where you lost, which costs 50 coins to do. Coins can be racked up just by playing. The game also boasts some other surprises that are likely to make you laugh, although it isn't clear exactly what those might be so users will simply have to play in hopes of finding out.

You'll get one point for each person you stack and the taller the wall gets the more points you score, and you'll be able to stack up the heads of Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Megyn Kelly, Bernie Sanders, Vicente Fox, and more according to the developer. The game is ad-supported so there will always be a little ad bar at the bottom, but you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase it looks like. If you enjoy the game, this might not be a bad idea as the ad bar can feel like it's getting in the way. The game appears to have leaderboards and achievements although these buttons don't seem to work, which could be a glitch or they just might not be developed into the game just yet.

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