New Motorola Moto G to Launch This June?


Unlike many smartphone manufacturers, Motorola does their announcements in the summer, and it feels like a long time since we saw anything from the Chicago-born firm, but rumors of a new Moto G device have been swirling recently. Rumor has it that the new Moto G 4 or a Moto G Plus will be announced later this year, and Lenovo themselves – Motorola's most recent parent company – may have let slip the possible release date for the new device. Earlier today, a subsidy of Lenovo, ZUK, released their new device and the Chinese firm's CEO, Yang Yuanqing, had let the cat out of the bag regarding a June 9th release date.

Unsurprisingly, no further details about the phone were announced during the launch of the ZUK Z2, but so far rumors have pointed to a possible pair of devices; one with a fingerprint sensor and one without. Following the trend of larger devices – and their popularity in Lenovo's home nation of China – it's no surprise to see the rumors and leaks showing a 5.5-inch device. What is surprising however, is the rumor price tag and the inclusion of just 16GB of storage. Motorola has been known for their high-value offerings, and we'd have expected them to push that little bit further with this latest version of the Moto G. There's also a chance that the rumored version of the device with a fingerprint scanner could be a new Moto X device, which is often the higher-end model from Motorola's line up.


Regardless, a summer launch for Motorola's new line up of device seems about right, and certainly lines up with what we've seen from them in the past. Lenovo's CEO has promised an "exciting" device launch, so we've got our hopes up for something good. Considering that LG, Samsung and now HTC have all launched their flagships for the year ahead, Motorola have some catching up to do, but as they proved last year with the high-end Moto X Pure they know what they're doing with their hardware and can trade blows with the best of them. Hopefully, Motorola will have something big in store for us, but as of right now the June 9th date could be for anything.

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