New HTC 10 Teaser Focuses On The Quality Of The Cameras

April 6, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Today saw a new smartphone being unveiled in the form of the Huawei P9. However, that is not the only major smartphone launch event that is scheduled to take place this month. Next week will see HTC take to the stage and unveil their latest flagship smartphone, the HTC 10. With such a major and important smartphone for HTC set to be announced, it is not that surprising that in the build up to the event, HTC has been periodically releasing a number of teasers which showcase the main features and selling points of their latest handset.

From the teasers, it is starting to become clear that the camera and audio capabilities are gong to be the driving forces behind the selling power of the HTC 10. This largely seems to be the case thanks to the number of teasers HTC has released about these two particular features. The latest teaser has now come down the wire and following the most recent audio teaser, this one once again focuses on the camera abilities of the latest smartphone from HTC. Not to mention, that again following in the trend of the last teaser, this one has progressed from the early image teasers to a short 39 second video format.

The teaser itself does not provide too much in the way of information on the camera abilities, but following in the usual #powerof10 formula, it does make the point that that the camera will be great and “you’ll see it”. With HTC further noting that they understand “how important a high-quality camera is to you” and that this has led them to “obsessively perfect every optical detail”. There has been some debate over the nature of the cameras on the HTC 10 and what to expect, although the company did recently state that this smartphone will come with “world first, world class” front and back cameras. With the event only a few days away now, it won’t be long until we know for sure whether they are as good as HTC claims. In the meantime though, those interested in checking out the latest promo from HTC can by hitting play below.