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With Android, one of its strengths is the way the software handles notifications. With the most recent versions of Android like Lollipop and Marshmallow, the notification system is undoubtedly robust and rich, offering up more that the user can do with a notification than simply be alerted that a new email came in. The design as well as the functionality of notifications in Android now is at the best it's ever been, but the downside is that not all developers utilize the tools Google has put forth to allow apps to take advantage of these different notification features. Nevolution is an app from the makers of Greenify which aims to "evolve" the state of Android notifications by allowing a community of users to enhance the notification functionality, all without the assistance of the original developer of the app by utilizing community-created plug-ins.

While Nevolution could grow into a really useful application once there is larger set of available tools, the community plug-ins list is limited to the eight built-in options which come with the application and the optional extension pack, which you'll be prompted to install inside the app after opening it and using it for the first time. The plug-ins include options like multi-line text, which separates out truncated text and expands it into multiple lines, and the no heads-up option which allows you to disable the heads-up notification that pops up on screen if the display is awake and you're using the device when the notification arrives. This particular option is meant to allow the user to disable heads-up if they feel they're always being interrupted by a certain app's notifications while they're in the middle of something important.

There are of course a handful of other plug-ins as well, like Elastic List for taking single-line text and stretching it out in an intelligent set of multi-line text, and other options like stack, bundle, call vibrator, and options for WhatsApp and WeChat. If you want a little more configuration and control over your notifications, Nevolution might be a good experiment, and the 8 available plug-ins gets things off to a good start, and with the ability for users in the Nevolution community to offer up even more plug-ins, the app can expand its functionality even more to make notifications for all apps as robust as they possibly can be.

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