Netflix May Consider Offline Viewing For Their Service

Netflix is far from being the only streaming service out there but they are certainly one of the most popular and according to a recent survey, Netflix' original programming is now more popular than that of the content on HBO. For all of Netflix' strengths though they still lack an offline viewing feature for subscribers which is something that users can get elsewhere. Amazon's Prime Video for example has allowed members of the service to download movies and TV shows to watch offline for a while, and with the launch of the standalone Amazon Prime Video application at just $8.99 a month, Prime Video just might start to sound more enticing to potential customers.

For loyal Netflix fans, it's been reported that the streaming service may be considering adding an offline viewing feature to their service at some point in the future. Although it was never explicitly stated, Netflix CEO reportedly mentioned that the company should keep an open mind about the option for viewers which suggests that it may be on the table and could already be in the works, which would give Netflix a little more breathing room and it just might get people to use the service more, or it could even bring in new subscribers who may be without internet often enough that streaming just isn't an option.

Netflix refers to global expansion of their service to regions where the internet connections may not be as strong and fast as those in other regions, which sounds like a good enough reason to start thinking about adding something that would make it easier for Netflix to reach more people. Short of potentially grabbing new subscribers in countries where the internet is few and far between, it would help Netflix here in the U.S. as well as people would be able to download films and TV episodes while connected to a local or public WiFi network, and then save the content for viewing later when they may have either no internet connection at all or may just want to save their network data. At the moment, offline viewing for Netflix is likely a long ways off if it's even going to make into the service at all, but "keeping an open mind about it" is better than hearing that it won't be an option.

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