Music Equalizer – Bass Booster App Can Improve Audio Output

April 20, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

I believe that pretty much everyone likes to listen to music, even though each and every one of us prefer specific type(s) of music. There are tons of music players available in the Google Play Store these days, and quite a few of them are truly great actually. That being said, we did come across a rather interesting music-related app recently, but this is not exactly a music player app, even though it can improve music output on your smartphone / tablet. Interested? Read on.

The app I’m talking about is called ‘Music Equalizer – Bass Booster’. As its name says, this app is basically a music equalizer app, but unlike a number of other similar apps we’ve tried out, this app is actually quite good. The sheer design of the app’s UI is quite nice and non-intrusive, and the app has plenty of features you can use to improve sound output. Now, let’s talk more about its features, shall we. The sound volume control is a give for any similar app, of course, and in addition to that, the developer has also included a five-band equalizer, bass boost effect and a virtualizer effect. In addition to all that, you do get 22 equalizer presets, just in case you’re not one for in-depth tinkering, and you can, of course, save customized presets as well. The app also offers the dynamic audio mapping options, and you can change the app’s theme if you don’t like it as well. The 3D surround sound is included here, and this app will work with streaming music apps as well (in addition to regular music playing apps), apps like Pandora and Spotify. A widget for this app is also available, just so that it’s handy whenever you need it, and no, you will not need root permission in order to take full advantage of this application.

Now, please do keep in mind that this app will not work with all music players. Some music playing applications have their own equalizers, and some are simply not compatible with this app, says developer. Check out the official images down below, and if you’re interested in ‘Music Equalizer – Bass Booster’ app, click on the Google Play banner down below in order to install it on your device.

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