Motorola Promotes Moto Action With New 'Moto Dojo' Ads

Motorola may not have any new devices for the year just yet, but due to their 2015 flagship and mid-range devices, the Moto X Pure Edition and the Moto G 3rd Gen, being launched in the Fall of last year, that makes them still relevant and somewhat new devices. That gives Motorola all the more reason to continue marketing their handsets, and they've started doing just that with a series of short and yet extremely comical ads on YouTube (and likely cable television) with the "Moto Dojo" tag. The Moto Dojo is certainly a new theme to the advertisements for Motorola, but it's by no means the first time they've abbreviated their branding name, having put out a series of "Hello Moto" ads years ago and for quite some time.

Each video posted so far, which at this point seems to be just four videos in the lot, are presented with the same opening of a hilariously terrible karate master kicking his way through the door of a dojo and doing a few bad moves, all except for the Voice of Fury video which starts off a little different. After these openings, each video is focused on a specific feature of Motorola's devices, but all the videos are meant to display the capability of Motorola's "Moto Action" functionality that's built into the phone.

Each video shows off a different thing that users can do with Moto Action which really highlights the possibilities that one has by using a Motorola device. Moto Action can be thought of as similar to the Google app, allowing you to do various things like using your voice to complete a task, but Moto Action takes things a step further and also lets users do things by initiating gestures, such as the shake gesture to enable and disable the LED flash on the back of the phone so it can be used as a flashlight, or the twist gesture to immediately enable the camera into a ready position to take a picture, which can be done without even waking the screen. If you enjoy comedy riffs on martial arts with intentionally bad acting and even worse voice overs, check out the four videos below.

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