McDonald’s UK to Offer Customers Galaxy Tabs While They Eat

April 19, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

For some time now, brands and manufacturers have been looking for ways of getting tablets into people’s hands. Considering that the tablet market seems to be on pause in terms of growth, it’s no surprise that brands have been looking to less than traditional means of marketing to help push these larger mobile devices. Firms like Microsoft have been pushing their Surface tablets to sports teams to get precious screen time as well as prove their usefulness, while Samsung recently signed a deal with Portuguese soccer teams. Now, McDonald’s and Samsung will start to offer Galaxy Tabs to customers to play games, engage on social media and more while they eat in their restaurants.

It’s thought that this investment, itself part of the “Experience the Future” program, by McDonald’s is the biggest investments and one of the largest changes in the firm’s 40+ history in the UK. While you might think it, McDonald’s UK does indeed have a “IT Restaurant Solutions and Service” department in the UK, and its head, Doug Baker, said that the Galaxy Tabs will “form an important part of our new customer experience initiative, which is part of our overall ‘Experience of the Future’ programme.” The software for these tablets is being handled by SOTI, itself a world leader in enterprise management software, and they said that the move will represent “an innovative, trend-setting approach to engaging customers through connected devices”.

This might not immediately seem the best place for tablets to be used, but at the very least it’s one more use and at long last another piece of modernization for our friends across the pond in the UK. It’s unclear just what part Samsung have played in all of this, if much at all, but this appears to be more of a partnership between McDonald’s and SOTI, but the end result will be more tablets in the hands of more people, which could in turn lead to people wanting these sorts of experiences at home, and perhaps more sales of devices up and down the country over time. If nothing else, this will help McDonald’s stay connected with a younger and more tech-savvy audience in the UK.