March 2016 Security Patch Rolls out to NVIDIA SHIELD TV


Those of you that own the NVIDIA SHIELD TV should be seeing an update rolling out to your console or set-top box (which ever you prefer to call it) over the next few days. This update is a pretty big one, although it is sticking to Marshmallow. Within the update you will get the March 2016 security update. While it’s not the latest version of the security update – with April just beginning to roll out – it’s still nice to see it coming to the SHIELD TV. They also note in their changelog  that there are some Marshmallow enhancements coming here. With improvements to external USB drive detection, FTP write access, HDMI-CEC, idle/sleep stability, SD card formatting, mouse support and much more.

As far as what is new in the SHIELD TV update, it appears that NVIDIA is bringing mouse navigation to the SHIELD controller’s right stick. NVIDIA notes that this is available in apps that automatically don’t use the right stick. One prime example is the Google Chrome browser. So you can scroll through webpages on Chrome using the right stick on the controller now. Finally, NVIDIA says that there are optimizations on the way for new games. Quite the update here for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, and it should be coming in the next few days.


If you haven’t picked it up already, the SHIELD TV is available on Amazon for $199. It’s really the only Android TV console currently available, considering the Nexus Player has been removed from many stores and is no longer for sale. Then there’s the Razer Forge TV, which hasn’t been a great experience for many users. One has to wonder if Google has forgotten about Android TV? It’s clear that NVIDIA hasn’t, as they are continually pushing out updates to the SHIELD TV. Great to see the company giving this console some fantastic support though.

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV does support 4K streaming, although most apps don’t support 4K just yet. Netflix does 4K, but you’ll need to upgrade your plan to utilize their 4K content. YouTube also does 4K, but your internet connection may not like it.