Manage Your Dollar Shave Club Account With The Official App

April 15, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Monthly subscription boxes have become an extremely popular service to get involved with and you can find subscriptions for just about any category from clothing to geeky stuff, and even razors. Dollar Shave Club is a service many people may be familiar with here in the states as they have advertisements virtually everywhere, and if you’re a member you likely already know the benefits of getting your shaving equipment through Dollar Shave Club as opposed to buying your razors and shave creams from the store when you need them. If you’re a member, Dollar Shave Club also offers a dedicated application that can be used to manage your account so you can change things on the go if you need to.

While the DSC app is very useful to existing members, you can also use it to join the service as a new member if you haven’t already done so through any other means. The app offers the same types of stuff you can find on the DSC website, which includes three different package types costing either $3, $6, or $9 depending on the razors you choose. Aside from letting you change up your shipment frequency or other account settings and configurations, you can also buy some of DSC’s original products like shave cream, lotions and more to make sure your face is nice and smooth after a shave.

The app has everything laid out by category, so if you’re looking specifically for shave products there’s a page for that which shows you shave-related products like the shave cream, and there’s a page for the different types of razors, as well as a page for protection which is meant to show you the products to help you protect your skin following a shave, containing things like moisturizers and hand cream. Going into the account management section you can everything from your current order that’s preparing to ship out or has already shipped out, and you can also see your next shipment box and your history of purchases prior to the current and upcoming orders. If you’re thinking about joining the Dollar Shave Club, the app is a definite must to make things much simpler.