At Long Last, Reddit's Official App Hits Android


Reddit has, in many ways, been known to people as a strange part of the Internet and it often finds itself in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Even so, with staples such as the Ask Me Anything series of interviews with celebs and such, Reddit has become a community of communities online. It's a place that practically has a subreddit for any sort of taste from r/Android to r/NorthKoreaPics. Clearly, Reddit has a place for everyone and often welcomes people of all sorts, without the need to show their faces or even declare who they are. One thing they haven't offered – until now, that is – is an official Android app. Now, Reddit is righting that wrong and the new app is available to download from the Play Store right now.

The Reddit app will look familiar to anyone that has been asked to try out the mobile website, but it does feel like a native app, rather than a simple app wrapper. It's pretty easy to see all of your subs through the pull-out menu on the left, and it mostly sticks to being a Material Design app while also being distinctly-Reddit in look and feel. Creating a post is super-simple and for the most part it's just what you'd expect; it's Reddit, but as an app. Which makes us wonder just what took them so long to develop and release an Android app that's well, pretty basic, which isn't to take anything from the new app – this is everything you'd want – but why it took so long will always puzzle people.


Currently, there's a night theme available (pictured above) and there are more on their way, apparently. Reddit is known for its close relationship with imgur, and those links are handled using a built-in browser (which we're presuming makes use of the new WebView browser from Android 5.0) which means that there's no need to open a new tab or anything like that. For the most part, this is everything a Reddit user could wish for, and those interested can click the button to – not only gain some free Reddit gold for a limited time – but finally get a decent mobile experience from Reddit.


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