Logitech Harmony Android TV App Now Available To Download


UPDATE: As this is an app which is solely designed for Sony Android TV devices, the Play Link is no longer showing the ability to download and install the app. If you have a Sony Android TV set, then you will still be able to download the app from the Play Store through the link below.

It is hardly a revelation that the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasingly important area in technology. In fact, going forward it looks highly likely that a number of products will come with an emphasis on being connected. From the Android TV perspective this also means you should expect a number of apps and services will become available for your device so you can effectively control your home connected system from the confines of your remote control and TV. Much is the case with a new app which seems to have now made its way on to the Google Play Store.


For those familiar with Logitech's Harmony ecosystem then this app might be just for you, as it is the Logitech Harmony Android TV app. If you make use of a Harmony Hub already then the app will essentially allow you to control all the various connected bits, be they window blinds, lights, or whatever, all from the app and apparently, all without "interrupting your favorite shows."

In terms of the actual app, this is one which is currently being classified by Logitech as 'in beta'. Not to mention that in spite of being an Android TV app, in its current beta form it is not one which is compatible with the NVIDIA SHIELD. However, it does seem to play nice with the Nexus Player and the Google Play Store listing does note that the app has been specifically designed with Sony's Android TVs in mind. However, for those who do own the NVIDIA SHIELD and would like to check the app out, it seems to run fine when you sideload the app and does show up with its own icon on the leanback launcher's main page. For those users, you can pull the APK through the link below and sideload in the normal fashion. If you do own the Nexus Player, a Sony Android TV or want to check if your current Android TV device is supported, head through the Google Play Store link below. It is worth keeping in mind that you do need a Harmony account to sign in and you cannot do too much without one.

Logitech Harmony APK Download



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