Location App Glympse Finds Its Way To The Gear S2

April 22, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

“Where are you?” ranks among the top questions that mobile users frequently ask one another. Normally, the question is both asked and answered via a phone call, text message, email or some other traditional means. Although there are some apps that integrate the function, such as Hangouts giving users a prompt to share their location in response to the question, not many can boast the seamlessness, ease of use and feature set of Glympse. Surfacing back in 2014 and finding its way onto Android phones, wearables and even Google’s Project Tango, Glympse’s rich feature set and ease of use is set to come to the Samsung Gear S2.

The app allows you to share your location on an instant basis or an ongoing basis with contacts and via social media, making sure that friends and family know where to find you. You can also check out others’ locations via Glympse in a similar manner. With the app coming to the Gear S2, it will be easier than ever for Gear S2 users to share their location, check where friends are and share their tracks, if somebody asks. The app and its companion keyboard have been available to users of more than a few mobile platforms, including Android Wear, for a while now, but Samsung’s decision to go with their own Tizen OS for the Gear S2 means that just a bit more work has to go into creating or porting apps to the top shelf wearable.

Glympse also has partnerships with a number of tech firms and auto manufacturers like Ford, Garmin, Amazon and Verizon, allowing easy integration of the app and its APIs and services into their products for developers and easy use of the app across platforms and devices for users. The Gear S2 version of the app, according to the press release, has already been pushed out for download and should be viewable by all Gear S2 users. If you happen to own a Samsung Gear S2 and hang out with friends often, want to keep family updated or just happen to hear or read “Where are you?” far more often than you care to, give the app a download.