LinkedIn Launches New App Aimed Designed for Students


In the world of social networking, LinkedIn is often viewed as the less-cool option out of Facebook, Twitter and even Google+, but that hasn't stopped the service from trying to appeal to a more modern audience. Where mobile apps are concerned, LinkedIn have been trying to get millennials and the more tech-savvy out there to give LinkedIn another try and there's no millennial quite like a student now, is there? As such, the new LinkedIn Students app is all about trying to get people hooked before they even have the necessary qualifications to start seeking that big job, but it's an interesting approach, nonetheless.

This new app from LinkedIn is designed to be as "fun" as possible, which might not be the right word to use when describing LinkedIn as a whole, but the app is definitely geared up with a more lighthearted approach to business and feels more like Tinder than it does anything else. If nothing else, this is the sort of app that students can be using to get a feel for the sort of salaries and jobs that their future diploma or degree will land them. For LinkedIn, it's at the very least a way to get new people to sign up for a LinkedIn account, because that's what LinkedIn Students requires; a shiny LinkedIn account.

For whatever reason, it appears as though this is a US-only app right now, but that might not be a problem for the majority of users that this is targeting. While having the time of your life meeting new people, spending too much time "working" in the library it can be difficult to know that you'll need a job at the end of it, and while LinkedIn is definitely not the be all and end all of finding a job, it can be a valuable tool to know and get used to. The app is available from the Play Store by clicking the button below, and while it might not be for everyone, it's worth giving a try. It might take some time to appear online as well, as this seems like a new launch, but give the button below a try.


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