Limited Edition Moto X Pure Designs Hit $300 Sale Price


Last year, Motorola announced the Moto X Pure, the latest and greatest in the line of Moto X devices, and while it seems like a long a time now since they were announced, they're still solid devices. Especially given their low price tags. Since the launch of the Moto X Pure, Motorola partnered with designer Jonathan Adler to offer up some pretty nice-looking limited editions of the hardware. The three versions of the Moto X Pure – the 32GB version, specifically – retailed for $475 online direct from Motorola, but they've recently come down in price a long, long way. They were once $349.99, close to the original price of the Moto X Pure, but now they're available for just $299.99.

The three designs include a colorful half-circle design, a Honeycomb pattern and an angular pattern dubbed "the Bridget". Each of these feature white predominantly as well as a little color, and they're now on sale for just $300. Considering the Moto X Pure is a Snapdragon 808 device with a Quad HD display and stock Android, this is a great price to pay for such an offering. Sure, the 5.7-inch display might be a little on the large side for some people, and there's no fingerprint sensor, but $300 doesn't get you much in this world. As always of course, there are caveats, namely that the offer is valid until May 2nd and that these are not eligible for Moto Care support, either.

Considering some of the reports of problems that many are facing with Motorola's aftercare, that last caveat might not be too much of a blow. Regardless, this is a great sale and with Mother's Day not too far away, these designs might make for an excellent gift. This latest reduction in price could also mean that these new limited editions might not have been quite as successful as Motorola would have hoped. Even so, $300 for a device as good as last year's Moto X is a great deal, and while Mr Adler might feel his designs are worth more than this, now is as good a time as any to grab a good deal.

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