LG Home 4.0 Download Brings App Drawer Back to the G5

April 4, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

When LG and Samsung unveiled their new flagships back in February during Mobile World Congress they both featured a curious move away from the norm most Android users are used to. Both the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 feature the ability to remove the humble app drawer from the homescreen equation, but while Samsung had this tucked away in their “Galaxy Labs” tweak menu, LG went for the default option, shipping the G5 with their new LG UX 5.0 which doesn’t feature an app drawer. That means that all of your apps are just left to their own devices scattered throughout your homescreens, rather than the logical and neat filing found in your app drawer. Thankfully, LG is going back on their promise on an app drawer free smartphone somewhat with the availability of LG Home 4.0.

Available from LG’s own SmartWorld app store, LG Home 4.0 is essentially a step backward to the sort of launcher that was featured in last year’s G4 and V10 devices. Nothing changes in the way of overall look and feel, but the familiar app drawer makes a return, and splits said drawer into apps and widgets just like previous LG smartphones have done in the past. This is a simple download from the LG SmartWorld app and while users can search for the new app they can also just tap this link here on their G5. It’s also worth noting that this will work with the new LG K8 as well as the LG Stylus 2.

This isn’t anything new to Android users of course, the Play Store is littered with excellent third-party launchers and homescreen replacements, and just as we switch keyboards and messaging apps, the launcher has always been a fairly interchangeable part on Android. All LG is doing here is offering up their own solution, and one that, arguably, fewer people will end up coming across as the SmartWorld app store is only really used by LG users to update their built-in apps and little else. Regardless, it is good to see that LG has listened to feedback and is offering a “solution” of their own, and it’s absolutely free, naturally.