LG G5 Scratched, Burned & Bent In Latest Torture Test

April 3, 2016 - Written By Kishalaya Kundu

It is almost de rigueur these days to put a smartphone through the dreaded torture test the moment it rolls off the assembly lines – or at least the moment it goes on sale. While there’s no given set of ‘tortures’ that a phone must go through before it gets the thumbs up or thumbs down from netizens around the world, dropping, scratching, burning and dunking in water are some of the more basic procedures devices go through just so that potential buyers can assess the durability of the gadget they are about to put down some serious cash on. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the videos make for pretty interesting viewing, notwithstanding the fact that such tests almost inevitably ruins a perfectly functional new device.

We have already seen recently-released smartphones like the Galaxy S7 duo being put through the paces in online videos earlier this year, and now it is the turn of LG’s 2016 flagship, the LG G5, to face the inevitable torture tests. In the video embedded below, one can see the latest premium smartphone from South Korea’s LG Electronics being put through a number of different challenges by Mr. Zack Nelson, best known for his YouTube account, ‘JerryRigEverything’. Now those following tech media in recent times are probably already well-acquainted with this particular YouTube user, as he has become synonymous with some very interesting teardown and torture test videos of popular smartphones. In fact, he does say that this particular video is his “nineteenth smartphone durability test”. Just a couple of days ago, the same guy had uploaded a teardown video of the same device, which gave us a good look at the phone’s build quality and its internals, and now we have this to chew on.

Coming to some of the torture tests conducted on the LG G5, the device can be seen going through a number of procedures that will hardly ever constitute ‘standard use case’ in any sense of the term, although, the uploader calls them “a series of logical durability tests”. As part of those ‘logical’ tests, the screen is scratched by a pocket-knife and burnt with a cigarette lighter, but being protected by Gorilla Glass 4 means it does take quite a bit of effort to actually put scratches on the display, which is definitely good news. As for the fingerprint scanner on the back, while it scratches and discolors easily, it keeps working and recognizes fingerprints without any problems whatsoever. The device also goes through a bend-test that it passes with flying colors for the most part. The video below indeed makes for interesting viewing, although we don’t get to see what might happen in case the phone’s dropped in water.