Leaked Video Of New Twitter App UI Shows Material Design

April 11, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

While many an app has languished in design and update limbo, there are some that have stayed current. Of those select few, most are finally beginning to adopt the material design elements set forth my Matias Duarte with Android 5.0 Lollipop. From a more organic and paper-like look to more advanced and natural animations, the material design guidelines have called for a near-complete redesign of almost every app that has adopted them, leading to a slow rollout of the design to many established apps. Among those apps was the official Twitter app, which users had long complained about the design of in the face of unofficial apps and all-in-one social outfits getting their material design updates. According to a leaked video, however, it seems those complaints may be well on their way to being put to rest.

A video put on YouTube by user Hernán Castañón Álvarez shows off a new face of the official Twitter app, complete with all of the typical trappings of material design. Brand new icons, a new flow for the user’s Twitter feed and a floating compose button decorate a three-tabbed interface, with the buttons to navigate the individual tabs plastered across the top of the app at all times. Viewing a Tweet will now give you a much simpler overview with action buttons plastered in a clean line. The composition UI has also received a material overhaul, streamlining and simplifying the creation of Tweets and direct messages. Unfortunately, beyond a quick right swipe into another menu, the video did not delve much into the app’s settings.

Since this was a leaked video, not much detail was given, beyond the new user interface. Although a release date or the progress beyond what we may have seen was not given, the app seems to be in a fairly polished and nearly final form, indicating that this may well be how the final version will look and it may well come to users in the near future. The uploader also did not touch on how he managed to obtain the test version of the app, meaning all eyes should be on the Play Store in the coming weeks.