Karalux Treats The Samsung Galaxy S7 With 24K Gold

April 1, 2016 - Written By Mihai Matei

As two of the best smartphones currently on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are priced accordingly, but while the top-tier internal specifications and various premium features might push the lineup’s price beyond the $500 mark, prospective customers should not expect to buy a piece of exclusivity for the price. Industry analysts predict that Samsung will push nearly 10 million Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 units by the end of the first quarter, and the shipping figures are bound to increase by the end of the year. Fortunately for Samsung enthusiasts who may be willing to pay extra for exclusivity, Karalux might come to the rescue with its new 24K gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S7 series.

Karalux is a known gift supplier headquartered in Vietnam, offering luxury items for high-profile international visitors and VIPs. Their products range from gold-plated Samsung, Apple, and BlackBerry smartphones to gold-plated cars bearing the BMW, Lexus, or the Rolls-Royce badge. The company is also known for gold-plating the Samsung Galaxy S6 series launched last year, and needless to say, the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup has received the same treatment. Karalux’s engineers require six hours of work to treat each Samsung Galaxy S7 unit with 24K gold, and the process requires a total of ten different stages, ranging from surface treatment and gold plating, to applying a “Nano” layer on top of the gold layer in order to protect it from wear. Karalux also revealed that while the A6000-series aluminum used by Samsung in manufacturing the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge’s frame is easier to work with than the A7000-series aluminum used on the Samsung Galaxy S6 lineup, the alloy still contains a wide variety of metal components and, as such, Karalux had to invent new gilding methods.

The 24K gold Karalux Samsung Galaxy S7 costs $1,750, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is accompanied by a price tag of $1,950. For the price(s) you will receive the same hardware specifications found on the regular models, but you may also enjoy special treatment from Karalux, who recently replaced the shattered screen of a gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S7 for free. The smartphone in question was accidentally dropped by the first person in Vietnam to own a Karalux Samsung Galaxy S7, and considering the “rare and unlucky case”, the company agreed to repair the device free of cost.