Inbox by Gmail Update Brings A Way to Preview Newsletters

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Inbox, since launching almost two years ago now, has steadily been getting some great updates. Making the service better and better with each passing update. Inbox by Gmail was developed to be a more simple email client for Gmail (as well as other email providers). Not only is your Inbox more simple, but it's also dead easy to find things like itineraries, event invites and much more. You can also preview things like links and YouTube videos, and beginning today, you can also do this for Newsletters, Events and Links without opening the email. Making things much easier for everyone.

With this update, instead of getting that stale email about having an invite for Google Calendar, you actually get what looks very much like the standard calendar notification. Which will ask you if you want to go (and if you do, it'll add it to your calendar as you'd expect). It makes things much cleaner, but most of all it makes things easier. Especially if you're one that gets a lot of calendar invites.


The update also allows for better previews of links. This was already possible, but now Google has also taken the "Pocket" approach. There is a new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension that allows you to send links to someone without having to open up a new tab or leave the tab you are currently in. Simply tap on the Chrome extension and it'll automatically send that link to who ever you choose. Making things even more simpler.

This is another great update for Inbox by Gmail, and there's likely even more great updates coming from the team in the near future. While Inbox may not be perfect, and definitely not suited for a hardcore Gmail user, it is a nice alternative to Gmail which can be a bit of a mess for some users that may not use email as much as others. The Inbox by Gmail app is available on both iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. The app is completely free and can be used in conjunction with the Gmail app or website.

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