Hulu Intros New Watchlist For Keeping Track Of Shows

Streaming services are probably at the best they have ever been, offering up more content than ever before and giving users a choice to stream premium content as well as watch both shows and movies across multiple devices simultaneously. Hulu even offers an option to get rid of ads so you can watch all of your TV shows without having to sit through commercials. Of course, this only applies to most content as some shows like Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has streaming rights and is exempt from this particular feature. If you watch a lot of TV and movies through Hulu, keeping track of everything is likely an important factor for making sure you don't forget about all of the shows and movies you're into.

Today Hulu has announced their new Watchlist feature which now displays all of the content in a brand-new generated list making it easier to keep track of the stuff you watch so you can pick up where you left off more easily. Aside from generating the Watchlist content for users when they throw something on the TV, they can also add in content to the Watchlist on their own if they want to. While the Watchlist can track what you watch and keep everything organized so you don't forget about it, it's much more intelligent than that and is actually a dynamic list.

The Watchlist is capable of recommending stuff you want based on your viewing habits, essentially changing up the list each time you sit down in front of the TV. To be clear, things in the watchlist will always be in the watchlist (unless they expire, in which case the watchlist will alert viewers to let them know) so even though the list changes up, it isn't removing anything, it's simply changing the recommendations based on how or what you may have watched the last time you turned on Hulu. It also recommends that viewers watch the episodes where they left off before new episodes even if the new episodes are now available, that way you never watch things out of order by accident. The new watchlist may not be available to everyone just yet as Hulu states that it will be rolling out over the next two weeks to the different platforms where Hulu is available.


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