Huawei Enlists Henry Cavill, Scarlett Johansson for P9 Ads

April 8, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

Earlier this week, Huawei took to London to announce the latest in their P-Line of devices, the P9 and P9 Plus. We were there at the show, and while Huawei were certainly proud of all the technology that’s packed into the device, such as their own Kirin 955 CPU and a great new fingerprint sensor, the Leica brand was a big focus. Not only does Leica bring some excellent camera features to the P9, but it also brings a huge and storied brand to the table as well. With a brand like Leica, it’s not surprising that Huawei have managed to snag some big names to help advertize their latest and greatest smartphone. This year, Huawei will have Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill – also known as Black Widow and Superman himself – to help advertize the P9.

In the below video, which was shown on stage during the event in London, both Scarlett and Henry are taking pictures with the new P9 and it appears as though they’re sharing them to each other. As the Leica partnership is a big coup for Huawei, it’s not a surprise to see the main focus of the ad to revolve around the camera prowess of their new flagship. Henry Cavill was even wheeled out by Huawei during their event earlier this week, although Scarlett was sadly unable to attend. It’s possible that Johansson has been pulled in by the allure of the Leica brand, as well as however much she’s getting paid, as the star has been spotted and known to use a Leica camera herself.

This is the sort of advertizing that could help Huawei become a big name outside of China, and most importantly in parts of Western Europe as well as the United States. Celebrity endorsements might seem cheesy to some, but it can do wonders for a brand, we only have to ask Samsung and Apple as much. Whether or not Huawei see a return on their investment from hiring these two Hollywood stars remains to be seen, but we’re willing to bet that Huawei has high hopes on this.