Huawei Debut their Latest Wearable, the TalkBand B3

Huawei P9 Event 7 AH 0440

At Huawei's event in London today, they company announced two new smartphones in the Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus. On top of that, they are also announcing their next TalkBand wearable, dubbed the TalkBand B3. The new TalkBand B3 is a pretty big jump from the TalkBand B2 which was a great wearable from Huawei. They are offering up the TalkBand B3 in three different cores. Active, Classic and Elite. The Active model is available in white and black, and is more geared towards those that are always in the gym, or going for a run and that sort of thing. The Classic is available in Beige and Brown, with a gold looking face around the screen. These two are using genuine leather for the wristbands. Finally the Elite is available Titanium Gray stainless steel, and is also the more expensive of the set.

The Huawei TalkBand B3 features a PMOLED 80×128 resolution display. There's a 91mAh battery in there powering up the TalkBand B3, which Huawei quotes as giving you about 3 to 4 working days of use. Standby is 6 days, and calling time is 5.5 hours. For those wondering, it'll take you about an hour and a half to recharge this sucker. It is IP57 dust and water resistant. So you can wear it when you wash your hands or the dishes, but we wouldn't recommend jumping in the pool with it on.


Huawei has built the TalkBand B3 around Bluetooth 4.2 support, which is the latest version Bluetooth available. It will sync with your smartphone so you can get your notifications on your wrist, as well as the all important health tracking. Like the previous TalkBand's this new one also tracks your steps, calories burned and so forth. Like a regular fitness tracker from Fitbit or Jawbone would. Huawei notes in their press release, that in order for them to keep the "pristine appearance" of the TalkBand B3, they used a curved touchscreen, which also uses an anti-fingerprint coating which will prevent smudges and also protect the TalkBand B3 from scratches.

There's no word just yet on availability of the TalkBand B3, but pricing is set at €169 for the Active model, €199 for the Classic model and €249 for the Elite model. In US dollars, that translates to about $190 for the Active, $225 for the Classic and $282 for the Elite model.