Huawei Backup is the First EMUI App to hit the Play Store

April 15, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Huawei has gotten a lot of flack for their pre-installed apps in Emotion UI or EMUI, which is their proprietary skin on their smartphones and tablets. Many of the apps, users don’t use or want on their phones, and can be a turn off for many that might be looking to buy their phones, especially here in the US. Huawei has decided to bring the Huawei Backup app over to the Play Store and decouple it from their smartphones. This is good for a few reasons, one is the fact that users can choose to install it if they want the app. And the other is that Huawei can push updates to the app into the Play Store without needing to push out an OTA to their device.

Taylor Wimberly, who works at Huawei Device US, broke the news on Google+, and according to feedback it looks like we may see more of Huawei’s apps from EMUI make it into the Play Store. This is something that many of their competitors already do, including Motorola, HTC and even Google. As it means that updates can be done without needing to get OTA’s certified – which can especially be an issue in the US with carriers being involved. Huawei Backup can also be uninstalled if it is pre-installed on your device.

For obvious reasons this is only compatible with Huawei smartphones, however Google Play does show that it is compatible with a number of other phones on my account, likely just a glitch with Google Play’s listings though. The Huawei Backup app allows you to backup your device, this includes your contacts, phone call log, messaging, photos, audio, videos, documents, applications and much more. The app does give you granular control over what is backed up on your phone. So if you don’t want to back up certain items, you don’t need too. It appears to only be backing up to space in your Huawei device, and not to a microSD card or even the cloud, which would arguably be much more helpful, especially when you are doing a factory reset or switching phones.

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