HTC’s Boost+ Hits the Play Store to Clean Up Your Phone

April 15, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

It might be strange to see a Samsung smartphone running an app developed by HTC, but with the new Boost+ app, that’s entirely possible. Further building on the progress that they made last year, HTC is releasing another new app to the Play Store for all on Android to enjoy. Installed on the HTC 10, the Boost+ Android app joins the ranks of many other cleaner apps in the Play Store, offering the ability to clear running apps, clear out “junk” files from your device and easily uninstall one more more apps one after another. Apps like these are on offer from CCleaner and many devices out of China now ship with something like this, so this is perhaps not a surprise to see.

The app is completely free to download, and while it does appear to have some HTC DNA in it, for the most part it just looks like any other well-designed Material Design app. There are countless alternatives out there to this offering from HTC, so it makes you wonder why they even made such an app? Well, considering all of this functionality is built into Android, these apps only need to give users the right buttons to push, and for HTC it can – to some extent – help protect their own customers. By offering up their own cleaner app to HTC users, they can prevent users installing some other version of a similar app that features pesky ads or pop-ups that might trick users into doing something else. As for releasing it to the Play Store, this makes it much easier to update, and as this is a standard Android app, HTC will gain more points for making it available to all Android users.

This is a nice app from HTC, and as mentioned above will be a refreshing take on similar apps that offer up ads and pop-ups. Without claiming to do anything magical, Boost+ is a simple app that can help you manage apps, delete some unused data and maybe give your device a little more juice right when you need it. Those looking to give it a try can do so by clicking the Play Store button below.