HTC Working To Rectify Vive Pre-Order Declined Payments


Virtual reality is literally the thing at the moment and therefore, companies are looking to make sure it is their products that is in the hands of consumers as early as possible. As is the case with many markets, being first is often a big help to establishing a company as one of the go-to companies for that market in the future. One particular company hoping to make a big impact in virtual reality is HTC with their HTC Vive headset. While Samsung has already brought to market a consumer headset, HTC's option is far more sophisticated and as a result, is one which also comes with a far heavier price tag. One which was recently reported to be proving to be an issue for some users who had pre-ordered, as it was reported users were seeing the payments for Vive being declined by their financial institutions.

In terms of the latest on this particular point, HTC has confirmed that they are working to resolve the issue. They have confirmed that for "a limited number of individuals" there were issues in fulfilling orders due to auto cancellations that occurred as a result of financial institution processing issues. As well as pointing out that they are looking to rectify the situation, which in some instances has resulted in orders being reinstated completely, for others, HTC is working with them to try and ensure that their payments are processed and their pre-ordered HTC Vive arrives when they were originally supposed to.


In addition, HTC is asking for anyone who has pre-ordered Vive to contact the financial institution responsible for the pre-order payment to make sure they are aware of the upcoming charge. This will help to mitigate against any issues which could result in payments being declined. For those that have encountered the issue or for those looking to check the status of their orders, HTC has confirmed they can do so by calling +1 888-216-4736 or by visiting For those who have pre-ordered Vive and seen the payment leave their account as normal, then chances are you are unaffected by the current issue and will likely receive your HTC Vive in due course and in accordance with the stated shipping/arrival date.

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