HTC Is Now Shipping Out Vive VR Headsets To Buyers

HTC Vive Pre AH 11

Although Samsung has introduced their version of VR long before the heavyweights this year, the VR revolution is now truly just beginning as the more capable devices like the Oculus Rift have recently started shipping out to those who had purchased it. As of today, HTC has just announced that their long-awaited Vive VR headset co-developed by Valve Software is now showing up on people’s doorsteps. The announcement that the HTC Vive is now beginning to ship out to buyers who had placed their pre-orders came over the wire on the official HTC Vive Twitter account, and if you’re one of the lucky consumers who has purchased the Vive then you may have already received it.

Pre-orders for the HTC Vive started back at the end of February at a price of $799, making it the most expensive VR option to date, but also the most powerful and robust option due to the nature of everything it can do and what comes with the unit, which includes a set of the paddle controllers, the headset, and the room setup that allows you to walk around immersed in the experience. Although pre-orders had been out for a while and consumers can now officially purchase the headset and have it ship out, some are experiencing declined purchases of their HTC Vive pre-orders, and those consumers likely haven’t gotten theirs just yet.


HTC states that units are shipping to consumers globally, and although they don’t mention any specific countries where they have started to arrive at buyer’s homes, it’s quite likely that all regions where pre-orders were available are beginning to see them show up. With the HTC Vive, users are going to be needing a compatible PC setup that can handle connecting and powering the experience, and with Valve having helped develop the software there is sure to be some exciting things to look forward to including a wide collection of games to play, as well as some other stuff like the Portal VR demo that was shown off recently. If you have the required system to support it, the HTC Vive is now available for full order with stock ready to ship out.

HTC Vive