HTC Announces Vive X, $100M VR Accelerator Program

HTC Vive phone pair AH NS 1

It seems painfully obvious that virtual reality (or more simply, VR) is the next big thing in technology. Almost a day rarely goes past without some form of news on VR coming through. Not to mention that the leading companies in the field are pushing very hard to cement their position as the go-to company for virtual reality. In terms of the well-known mobile-related companies, Samsung has had quite the substantial legroom in the market, as they were one of the first to bring to market a viable VR headset in the form of the Gear VR and since then, they have been pushing forward with helping to create content and expand the platform. However, HTC has now very much arrived with the HTC Vive and while this is a far higher-priced product, it is also a far more powerful one as well. And it now looks like HTC is keen to push forward with its own platform expansion.

HTC has today announced the launch of Vive X. This is a global accelerator program which looks to help startups who are focused on virtual reality bring their content to the market, quicker. From the start up perspective, the program will offer help, support and most importantly, funding. While from HTC’s perspective, the program will go a long way to expanding the current number of Vive-related content that is available.


The announcement comes with HTC confirming an initial investment in the program of $100 million. It has not been fully disclosed as to where or who the funding is coming from although it does seem to be an amount which is being led by HTC. In terms of the program, although this is designed to roll out globally in time, the program will first commence in three specific cities, Beijing, Taipei and San Francisco. The program will look to make sure approved startups will receive all the backing and support they need to essentially fast-track their progress in development. According to HTC’s Cher Wang, “Through HTC Vive, we look forward to enabling global talent to create interesting and compelling content and to help shape the future of this industry.” The Beijing arm of the program will start in May while there are no firm details provided for start dates in Taipei or San Francisco. Although, it is presumed they are unlikely to be too far behind. Those interested in finding out more about Vive X can do so by heading through the source link below.