The HTC 10 Will Hit T-Mobile This May

HTC 10 T Mobile

After a not-so-secret run-up, the HTC 10 was officially announced earlier today, and while it might be as modular as the G5 or as Edge-y as the Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC have once again forged their own path. Following in the footsteps of previous HTC devices like last years’ HTC One M9, the HTC 10 features a unibody metal construction. One that HTC says has been put through the ringer with 168 hours of torture tests and over 10,000 drops to ensure the design is up to the task of surviving everyday life. That’s all fine and well, but when can people actually get their hands on the HTC 10? Well, if you’re a T-Mobile customer, the magenta network will be carrying the device some time in May.

Earlier today, Des from T-Mobile posted a video to Twitter showing off an unboxing of the HTC 10 in las Vegas, which didn’t have too much to share with us, but it did ensure that we got a closer look at the device out of the box. As for general availability, T-Mobile didn’t have too much to share with us on that subject however they did tell us that the HTC 10 will be available to “customers online and in stores nationwide this May”. Considering that the device has only just been announced, this doesn’t seem like too much of a wait time, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see HTC and T-Mobile open up some sort of pre-order scheme in the next couple of weeks or so.


If you’re interested in getting an unlocked HTC 10 of course, the Taiwanese firm will sell you one directly in the US for $699. That’s a pretty steep price tag, but depending on how much you want a fully-metal design and some of the more interesting software mixes we’ve seen in some time, that might not be a bad price. An unlocked device will work on T-Mobile network just fine when purchased from HTC, so that’s something worth thinking about, but for now T-Mobile customers are wise to wait and see how much the Un-carrier will be charging for the new HTC 10.