HTC 10 Scores 88 in DXOMark's Camera Tests, Tying the Galaxy S7

HTC 10 AH 11

In the past year or so, smartphone manufacturers have begun giving their upcoming flagships to DXOMark to have the camera tested, ahead of release. This is to give them another point to flaunt during their announcement and show how good their camera really is. Earlier this year the publication got the chance to review the Samsung Galaxy S7, and they gave it a score of 88 out of 100. This was the highest score that they had ever given to a smartphone. And today, the HTC 10 also got a 88. Which would mean that the HTC 10 camera is pretty amazing.

Now you should take this with a grain of salt though, because the scores taken from these tests are from controlled environments, for the most part. There have been times that DXOMark have given some outstanding scores to smartphones, only to have the cameras fall flat when they were released to the public. But this does show that HTC is indeed serious about the camera this year on the HTC 10. In the testing, the picture side got a 88 with the video scoring a 86. The highest areas were in autofocus, where the HTC 10 got a score of 93. On the video side, artifacts got a 90. Both really impressive.


The HTC 10 also has a 12-megapixel camera, much like the Galaxy S7. Both of which have larger pixels, 1.55 microns to be exact. The fact that they have larger pixels is a very important factor in terms of taking pictures of videos. This essentially means that the camera can allow more light in, and get better pictures, especially in low-light situations like night time.

HTC has been struggling with their camera in recent years. They were actually first with the whole “larger pixel” phenomenon that’s taking over smartphones these days. They were a bit ahead of their time, and also the megapixel count was a bit low. Leading to the pictures looking pretty bad when you blow them up. It looks like this year the camera is much improved, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it, really soon. The HTC 10 is going to be shipping in May and is available for pre-order today.