Google Working On Fiber Wireless For Out Of Reach Areas

google fiber 1

Google Fiber is a highly coveted service thanks to its extremely high-speed gigabit internet and reasonable pricing. The only downside is that Google Fiber is not very widely available due to the slow rollout which has to do with the process Google has to go through to get approval for laying down the fiber optic cables that run the network for the broadband internet. Back in the middle of February it was rumored that it could be possible for Google to use a wireless technology for Fiber that would allow it to connect homes to the internet which were out of range for the Fiber service due to lack of ability to lay down the Fiber optic cables.

Today, it would seem that Google is experimenting with such a potential technology of merging their Fiber service with wireless for a hybrid offering that would extend Fiber’s original reach to homes outside the local area where it’s offered. This would include connecting Google’s existing Fiber lines that are already installed to wireless towers which would allow it to essentially broadcast out the internet to homes. According to the recent interview with Re/Code, Google is said to already be working to make these connections and get the hybrid Fiber service up and running. This new type of Fiber service follows Google’s recent addition of the once-rumored home phone service they are now offering to Fiber customers, which also shows Google is serious about expanding Fiber’s potential into more than just broadband internet and TV.


At the moment it isn’t apparent what technology Google is using, but they did state that they are currently experimenting with different types of wireless technology to get things working properly. This suggests that it could be a while before Google finds a right fit, but it’s also entirely possible that it could happen much sooner than later, although the new wireless Fiber technology would still be limited to areas or regions where Fiber is already available in its original state. Google also reportedly views this opportunity as a “real strong business” which suggests they are very confident in making it a part of the regular Fiber offering. Although Google did confirm that they are currently working to get things going, they have not mentioned which locations they are doing the testing in.