Google Updates Drive For PC With New Local Sync Options

Google Drive on Android has gotten a couple of updates recently to enhance the capabilities of app on the go. Back near the end of March Google made it possible to tap to edit files and folders through the Android app, and earlier today the Android app was updated to include inline uploads, and so users can be aware of the upload status they also included a brand-new progress bar for the inline uploads. Google isn't just focusing on the Android app, as today they have also updated the web version of Drive with some new functionality as well which should be live sometime between now and the next week according to Google's blog. This means that some Drive users on the web will be able to see the changes now or within the next few days, but others may not see the new functions until sometime next week.

Today's update for Google Drive on the web focuses on giving users more control over what they sync from the cloud. The beauty of Drive os that it can keep all of your data safe and sound and you can access it anywhere as long as you have a web connection and there is either a web browser or a drive app on the platform. The issue is that you can't select what you sync from the cloud. That changes today as Google Drive on the web now has selective syncing.

The new feature will let users on Windows and Mac PCs choose which files they want to sync from Drie in the cloud and leave the boxes unchecked for the files they don't want to sync so they only grab what they want. This can come in handy for anyone who may have more gigs worth of files on Drive than room they have on their PCs local hard drive. In addition, Drive will also no send out warnings when you're about to delete a file or folder that has shared access, this way you know that you'll be deleting a file or folder that someone else has access to and might want to keep that access.

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