Google+ Rolling Out Content Controls For Communities


The vibrant and varied communities you can find on Google+ are some of the best ways out there to connect with people who share your interests, get the latest news on the subject and even plan things like meetups, conventions and events. Tons of different types of communities are out there, from culture and religion to special interests like video games and TV shows. Even families or groups of friends sometimes create communities to give themselves an easy place to gather on the internet and talk amongst themselves. The issue with online communities, of course, is that in most cases the point is to be inclusive. This can mean that people with less than savory intentions get on board, such as spammers, flamers and bullies.

Google+ has a content filtering system meant to contain this sort of thing, but it's far from a one hundred percent accurate affair. While you can always ban offenders, they could just as easily come back with brand new profiles. This makes the stronger and easier to manage content filtering rolling out to Google+ today somewhat of a godsend. With the filters being a bit smarter and more strict, moderators will see less questionable content hitting their communities and more making its way into their personal moderation feed, where they can make the call on whether or not the content will make it into their community to be seen by all of its members.


The new changes are already available for new communities being created and will be on by default. Meanwhile, existing communities will see it roll out gradually, likely over the course of the next few weeks, with the timing dependent largely on how big and active the community is. The release note from Googler Frank Rodriguez did not note whether existing communities will see the new setting enabled by default once it rolls out or a possible timetable for the release. A few more details about the changes can be seen in the Google+ help pages or the moderator control panel for your community, if you happen to be a moderator for one.

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