Google Makes A Chrome Extension For Google Keep

April 20, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

The internet is a wonderful place to find many things, but we don’t always have time to enjoy those things at the moment we find them, which is why apps like Google Keep can be useful as you can use it to create notes for yourself, but you can also save weblinks, images, make lists and more. While there has been a Chrome web app of Google Keep for quite some time, there has yet to be an official Chrome extension for Keep, something which seems a bit odd given the amount of people who probably use the app in the first place.

Today that changes, as Google has now officially made a Chrome extension for Keep so you can easily create and save notes or anything else without having to actually open the app. As with all extensions, the Google Keep extension will sit up in the bookmarks bar just to the right of where you type in the web address, and if you have too many extensions already installed for it to show up it’ll simply find itself a home in the extensions menu. You can of course swap out which extensions show up in the bar anytime you like, so having a large amount of them installed really isn’ a problem at all.

When tapping the extension button for Keep it will automatically save a note of the webpage that a user is currently on, and the web address is used as the name by default, although this can be changed before completing the save to make things easier to find if you have a lot of notes. You can also add labels to notes and delete them with the extension, or you can open any notes in Keep that you’re planning on saving. This launch of the extension is alongside an update for the Google Keep android app which lets users add notes from the share menu. Not all users will necessarily see the Keep update right away as they can sometimes take days to roll out, but the Google Keep Chrome extension should be immediately available to anyone from the Chrome web store.