Google Jokes About The Design of Glass For April Fools

In the realm of wearables, none are perhaps nearly as ambitious as Google Glass was. Despite its capabilities, however, it was hard for many people to get past the design and the potential invasion of privacy. For all it was worth, Google just couldn't seem to get Glass off the ground in a way that would see the device make it to the hands of the public in any official capacity, at least, not for the explorer edition which many thought would be the version of the glasses to ship out to interested consumers. This of course wasn't the case and now Google Glass has faded from the public eye for the most part, although it is still very much alive and doing quite well in the enterprise market as Google is working on and developing an enterprise edition of the device.

While invasion of privacy was probably one of the biggest concerns for much of the public, the design was another big drawback for many. Arguably the most stylish of any wearable glasses products, Google Glass still had a look that plenty of people would refer to as geeky or uncool, and Google is not ashamed to admit that, while they serve a functional purpose, Google Glass did have a nerdy style all it's own. As part of April Fools, Google's X lab makes jokes about the appearance of Glass.

The video begins with a serious outlook and even talks about other Moonshot projects that Google is currently working on, like Project Loon, the self-driving cars, and delivery drones. It isn't long though before the joking nature of the video begins to set in, as Google starts to talk about data compression and enlists the help of Silicon Valley character Richard Hendricks (creator of the compression algorithm "Pied Piper" on the show). If you look closely enough though within the first few seconds, you'll notice that Google's Astro Teller, the head of the Google X division, is wearing a pair of glasses without lenses or anything connecting the frame on each side to the nose clip in the middle. While this isn't exactly the look of Google Glass in its original form, it's a small but playful jab at the how the Google Glass explorer edition launched with no lenses. Most of the video is joking about compression of virtually everything, but the joke about Glass is noticeable right off the bat. The rest of the video is worth a watch if you're a fan of Silicon Valley.

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