Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S5 Sport get Marshmallow on Sprint


If there's one thing that Samsung has always proven itself to be good at is ensuring that older devices aren't left out to dry when it comes to software updates. Now, this isn't to say that Samsung has a perfect record here as they have dropped the ball with some devices and some users have been waiting a lot longer than they would have liked. Even so, with Samsung the updates do come, and when you have as many devices to update as Samsung, it can't be as simple as we first think. Now, two devices from 2014 are getting updated to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Sprint's network; the Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy S5 Sport.

The Galaxy Note Edge was notable for being the first device that Samsung used their flexible display technology in and shipped in many of their key markets. Featuring a curved edge falling away from one side of the display, the Galaxy Note Edge was, for the most part, a Galaxy Note 4 with a little party trick. Now, the device is getting updated to Marshmallow, via Samsung software version N915PVPU4DPD. This brings the usual new features that Marshmallow has to offer, but the update details from Sprint also talk about "Google and Samsung Security Updates" but there's no way of telling just which month they're from right now. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S5 Sport is getting Marshmallow – and nothing else according to Sprint's release notes – in Samsung software version G860PVPU2CPD1.

It is good to see that Samsung continues to update devices with the near-latest (if you count Android N here, of course) version of Android, even for devices that well, didn't sell all too well. Sure, users will have been waiting for a lot longer than they would have liked – it's now April, and Marshmallow came out before the end of last year – but at least Samsung is bringing them the updates at all, which is more than we can say for a lot of vendors and devices over two years old.

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