Featured: Top 5 Best HTC 10 Cases

HTC 10 AH 2

The HTC 10 was recently announced, with its aluminum unibody and chamfered edges. And as usual with metal smartphones, the HTC 10 is pretty slippery. But that’s where cases come in. And we’ve got plenty of great ones here to check out. So let’s get started.

LK Ultra Slim TPU Case



This case from LK is a great one to pick up for the HTC 10. Primarily because it’s a thin case, which means that you’ll be able to protect your phone without having to make the phone all that bulky. Something that the majority of us definitely don’t want to do. It’s available in a few different colors, of course the clear color will allow you to still show off the beauty of the HTC 10.

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Tauri Thin TPU Case



Here’s another thin TPU case for the HTC 10, from Tauri. This one also comes in a slew of colors. It is a great case to pick up because it allows you to protect your phone, but not get it scratched up by the case. This TPU case can also take some impact, which is great for the occasional accidental drop, which has happened to us all.

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Tauri Leather Wallet Case



Another case here from Tauri, this time it’s a wallet Folio case made of leather. Inside the case, we have a few pockets that are great for sliding in some cash as well as some cards. This way you don’t need to carry your wallet with you everywhere you go. The case can also stand so that you are able to watch videos on your brand new HTC 10 without having to hold it.

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Love Ying Ultra Slim TPU Case


love ying htc10

TPU cases are pretty popular this year, and Love Ying is throwing their hat into the game here. We have their own TPU case available in a few different colors, including pink which actually looks really nice to say the least. It’ll protect your HTC 10 from things like dirt, dust, scratches and other things that could be harmful to your smartphone.

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Vinve PU Folio Leather Case


folio htc10

Another folio case for the HTC 10 here. This one is from Vinve and it’s a faux leather case for the HTC 10. Like the other one listed here, this one also has a few pockets on the inside for storing cash, cards, etc. It can also stand up in landscape mode, and actually that’s what makes it a folio case.

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