Featured: Top 10 Android Games - April 2016

Android is a robust operating system for mobile with tons of apps and games coming out every single day, and at the rate they're launched that means tons of new games to check out every month, as well as some favorites to revisit or check out for the first time if you've never experienced them before. With tons of options out there it can be a little challenging to narrow down the best new titles worth your time, so we've put together a list of the top 10 games to check out for the month of April.

MechCom 2

Kicking off this list is MechCom 2, and if you're an RTS fan then this is one worth giving a look. It's got great 3D graphics and an easy-to-use interface that definitely feels right at home on touchscreens. There's 16 different mechs to choose from and it's a one-time-buy game with no IAP and no ads.

GunBird 2

Next up is one for the fans of bullet hell shooters. GunBird 2 has all the stuff you may remember and love about this genre, with retro graphics, tons of challenging levels and bosses, and power-ups galore so you can devastate your enemies.

Star Billions

If you're more into adventure type games with hilarious dialogue, check out Star Billions. It features a cast of 20 different characters that you'll have to get to know throughout the gameplay. It's mostly about the dialogue but there are also playable mini games as well.

Aurora: Quarantine

This next title is an interesting game filled with challenges you'll have to complete for each mission. You control a tiny robotic ball that you use to navigate around each level discovering secrets and trying to finish the tasks given to you. You can upgrade your robotic ball with various attributes like max power and speed too. The graphics are also fairly top notch.

Evilbane: Rise of Ravens

If you love hack and slash RPGs, then Evilbane is definitely a worthy selection. It features excellent 3D visuals and tons of gorgeous looking attack animations. There are multiple character types to play, dungeons and raids, and tons of loot to gear up your character with powerful weapons and armor.

Goo Saga

If platformers are more your style, Goo Saga is all about platforming action and solving puzzles. It feature three levels of difficulty to give it some replay value even after you've beaten it the first time, two endings, and a series of levels with boss fights at certain stages to ramp things up.

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is an auto-runner/endless runner with tons of color and some pretty awesome visual effects. While there is no complex story and no action filled combat, it's bound to be a super addictive game with plenty of enjoyment that has you chasing that next high score.

Disney Crossy Road

Crossy Road should need no introduction, and by extension neither should Disney Crossy Road. It's essentially the same game at its core, just with Disney inspired levels and characters.

Tales of Link

Tales of Link is an interesting take on an RPG. While there is loads of story-driven dialogue and some great anime-inspired visual art for the characters, battles and such aren't played out like a JRPG or Action-RPG. Instead, you'll need to link collections of your heroes together during combat to unleash attacks.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Rounding out this list is Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. After having been launched in Japan months ago, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X finally made it to a global launch and offers up bite-sized chunks of RPG gameplay. It features some compelling and fun combat, tons of characters from the Final Fantasy and Disney universes, and a light-hearted story.

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