Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Selling Used Items, April 2016

By Justin Diaz April 22, 2016, 2:03pm
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Over the years we as people tend to accumulate lots of stuff, some of it we think we absolutely need while others are things we simply want to have. However these things end up in our possession, a lot of times they sit and collect dust, or they proudly serve their purpose for a number of months or years but then we move onto newer things or get tired of the old stuff. When this happens you can get rid of it by selling it online, and there are quite a few apps available that allow you to do this from your smartphone. Here are ten apps to check out for selling or buying used items.


Starting off this list is HappySale, and the name basically says it all. Sell your old stuff, make some money, be happy. As a buyer, you can find hidden gems or things you might need for a collection. You can take pictures for listings right from the app, and communication is handled in-app so there's no need to give out personal information.

Postings - (Craigslist App)

This app is dedicated to Craigslist, although you can't actually create a new listing with the app. You can however, edit your listings and use the app to browse listings if you're looking to buy, making it a useful tool if Craigslist is your outlet for selling or buying used goods.


5miles is just like every other app on this list and is aimed at helping you sell your old stuff, but it focuses on listings that are within a five-mile radius of where you are. So users looking to buy will see your stuff if it's within that range from where they are, and likewise, if you're looking to buy, you'll see listings for things that are within five miles of yourself.


Another app dedicated to local selling only, Varagesale lets you buy or sell used items. You can search for stuff or browse based on categories, and if you're a frequent buyer you can favorite particular sellers so you always know what they have for sale that's new. It also supports private in-app messages for communicating after a sale is made.


OfferUp claims to be the largest mobile marketplace for local buying and selling. You can browse items by categories, communicate within the app when you're ready to buy, and you can even browse items by image if you would prefer.


Wallapop isn't too much of a standout from the rest here as it's aimed at local buying and selling, but it is one of the best-looking apps in the bunch. Both buying and selling are easy and it also offers up in-app communication so you don't have to give out personal info.

Wish Local

Wish Local is essentially the same as the original Wish app but meant for local only. You can take pictures for items you want to sell right from the app, and if you're a buyer item listings show up with huge images to make things easy to see. Just like the other apps, sales happen through private conversations between the buyer and the seller.


Letgo is the name of the game here as the app wants to help you let go of your old stuff that you no longer use, for a price, of course. The app allows you to buy used items easily and it features full profiles for members so everyone knows who they're buying from or selling to.


Similar to 5miles, Close5 is all about local selling within a short radius of your location. Close5 does offer the ability to change locations though and it will search for items within ten miles of your selected location instead, and the radius can be expanded all the way up to 50 miles. Everything else is pretty standard including large images for item listings, private messaging between the buyer and the seller, member profiles, and a comments section on listings that all members can participate in.


Rounding out this list is eBay and it shouldn't be a surprise as it's a popular and massive marketplace for used goods. It isn't always local and more oftentimes than not you'll be buying things that aren't near you. Purchases happen through PayPal instead of using cash like with most of the other apps, but chances are you're going to find a lot more of what you're looking for with eBay over any other app.

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April 22, 2016, 2:03pm
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